eKhaya Coaching is homegrown. Raised and grown up in a little town, Vryheid in the heart of Zululand, where he matriculates, head coach Leon Rautenbach studies at Tuks first and then another four years in Matieland, University of Stellenbosch. With 20 years of media background and as executive producer of some of the best television shows shaping his practical business mind, he now applies all his experience in supporting hundreds of clients since 2002 with systemic, team and individual coaching.

Our unique ability to draw on the right combination of tools in each case and to intuitively guide each process has helped transform many companies and individual lives. We are passionate about human potential and the role that South African leaders and managers can play in building the local and international the global economy.

With 15 years of coaching experience and 20 years corporate experience at senior management level, we know what is required to implement processes and action steps to support change with follow-through actions to ensure sustainable change.

Our breakaway sessions often take us out of the normal day-to-day environment into nature where focused team planning sessions takes place in a relaxed and creative space, which energizes a fast track manifestation of a cohesive leadership team spirit. Our unique processes support the selected leadership team in their growth objectives.  This is delivered in the form of one on one coaching conversations followed by a breakaway session to initiate, design and track the newly agreed and shared business objectives. .

It is our belief that every person leaves a unique footprint behind. Business words such as 'vision' and 'purpose' are now being complimented by 'meaning' and 'legacy'. Leaders of today have an obligation to contribute collective meaning and
establish a legacy of responsibility and sustainability.

Whether you manage a small enterprise or aspire to rule a country, our systemic approach to coaching will support your organization to unleash the potential of its leadership team and supporting managers. Leaders must connect deeply to their own sense of purpose and understand how to integrate each team member's unique strengths and talents.

A systemic coaching culture encourages the brilliance innate in every individual and can ultimately transform a team, business or organization into a prosperous and profitable entity for the greater good of everyone associated with it.

EKhaya Coaching combines warmth, integrity and reverence with sound business strategy and follow-through. Establishing deep respect for every person's innate ability to find his or her own truth and power in the coaching process, we comfortably connects with clients through 'deep listening, stillness and presence' while expertly asking enabling questions to support the client to enter a rich journey of exploration, and discovery of their inner maps.


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